Tournament Sanctioning


All tournaments consisting of four or more teams AND any out-of-district teams, must be sanctioned by the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA).

To receive tournament sanctioning, you must first submit your tournament request application to CMSA for approval. Tournament requests will be reviewed by CMSA at our weekly staff meetings. If the tournament is approved by CMSA, it will be sent to ASA for sanctioning.

Please ensure you have carefully read the CMSA & ASA requirements, and are within the submission timelines, before submitting a tournament application.

​CMSA Tournament Sanctioning Requirements

Previously Sanctioned Tournament (Renewal)

New Tournament Sanctioning

  • Ensure tournament does not conflict or interfere with CMSA league play (CMSA will not approve to sanction any tournament being held during the regular season play dates)
  • Ensure tournament does not conflict, interfere, or compete with any CMSA tournament

  • Ensure tournament meets ASA sanctioning requirements

  • All NEW tournament request applications must be sent to CMSA (minimum) 90 days before the commencement of the competition. Submit proper ASA form to

ASA Tournament Sanctioning Requirements & Forms

ASA Tournament Sanctioning Fees

New Tournament $275
Renewal $150
Small Tournament (4-10 teams) $75
Charity Tournament Determined on a case by case basis
Unregistered Players $20/player + GST if over 14


Refund Policy

CMSA & ASA will not refund any tournament sanctioning once the request has been granted. This includes tournaments that receive sanctioning but do not run; the club or group hosting the tournament will be charged the tournament sanctioning fee.

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