U13 - U19 League

Goals of the CMSA U13 - U19 League

CMSA’s league offering for the U12, and U13 League aims to have quality programming for youth at all ages, stages of development, and interest/commitment levels. CMSA welcomes experienced and novice players into any of our clubs to continue or begin their soccer journey. Our U12 and U13 leagues operate in alignment with Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) Standards and would be a part of Stage 3 – Learn to Train (U12) and Stage 7 – Soccer for Life (U13 – Community and Competitive).

CMSA advocates for equitable playing time for all players regardless of Tier in these ages. A balance of skill level and commitment should be considered when tiering players. CMSA recommends the following considerations to ensure that players and families are placed in the appropriate program:

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