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The Alberta Youth Soccer League (AYSL) is the Alberta Player Development Program (PDP). The PDP is Canada Soccer’s standards-based youth training and competition framework. It provides an environment (both in training and competition) to allow for high quality organizations to contribute to on-going development of players, coaches, officials, and administrators.

The AYSL is part of a national network of licensed clubs and standards-based competitions which will foster player and coach development in Canada.

The AYSL is for players in the Train to Train stage of their development, or Stage 4 of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD). 

League standards for coaching are higher than local district leagues (Tier I - Tier V) with AYSL head coaches needing to be enrolled or have attained their Youth License. All AYSL Assistant Coaches must hold a C License.


Participating CMSA Clubs

Calgary Blizzards Soccer Club
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Calgary Foothills Soccer Club
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McKenzie United Soccer Club - Home

Calgary Rangers Soccer Club
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Calgary SouthWest United Soccer Club
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Calgary Villains Football Club
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McKenzie United Soccer Club
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Format and Key Dates


Format and Key Dates

The competition will see a competitive season with scheduled rest and recovery periods built in year round. Formats, and exact dates are still being determined. 

Program details will be communicated directly from Alberta Soccer to Canada Soccer National Youth Club Licensed Clubs

AYSL Webpage

AYSL Webpage

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