Member Spotlight - Minor Soccer Week Edition - June 23rd 2022

Today we are spotlighting MUSC's Alonso Oloya

Member Spotlight - Minor Soccer Week Edition - June 23rd 2022


MUSC U10 Coach Alonso Oloya is new to the McKenzie United Soccer Club this season, but his love for soccer is long routed. From the second Alonso stepped on the pitch as the Dynamos coach, it was clear he was very dedicated, as witnessed through his early organization of the team and parent communications. 

Coach Alonso has played soccer for over 20 years in both the United States and Canada and has previously coached an assortment of age groups. From the very beginning of the season, his love of soccer was evident as was his excitement to be their Coach. He indicated that he felt privileged to pass down his knowledge to the boys and was proud to have the opportunity to guide them in the further development of ball mastery skills, their confidence in 1v1 situations, their group play abilities, and all other areas.

He coaches with confidence and a calm energy that resonates with the players, so in turn the boys play and behave with similar energy, allowing them to be truly present during discussions, practices, and games. Coach Alonso always has something uplifting and positive to his team and carries himself in a manner that models exceptional sportsmanship and team spirit. He is friendly, yet firm with the boys while also being fair and flexible. As a result, the boys are also calm and keen to give him their attention out of respect, not demand and are not only excelling this season as developing players but growing as kind and respectful peers and learners as well. They too model excellence in sportsmanship! If there are more Coach Alonsos out there, currently inspiring kids in minor soccer in our country, there will be a massive influx of outstanding soccer players in Canadian professional soccer in a decade or so!

Thank you for your dedication to the sport of soccer and to the players you coach. MUSC and CMSA are lucky to have great coaches like you. 

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