Member Spotlight: Minor Soccer Week Edition: June 22nd 2022

Blizzard's Karine Baker is our spotlight of the day!

Member Spotlight: Minor Soccer Week Edition: June 22nd 2022


CMSA’s From the Sidelines: MSW spotlight of the day is Calgary Blizzards Karine Baker. Karine received multiple nominations from the soccer community, and obviously is a big part of many people’s lives. Karine has dedicated herself to Minor Soccer and has devoted countless hours towards growing the game.

Nominees praise Karine for her attention to detail when it comes to organizing team events, tournaments and team bonding extra curriculars. Her organization skills make it so her team has the most optimized practice and game schedule, which is appreciated by all players and parents associated with her team. ”The boys love the opportunity to play multiple games on the weekends - they would do it every weekend if they could!” preaches one parent. “Having a coach and a manager that are willing to do all this for their players and the love of the game is outstanding to me!

 “She always goes above and beyond. Thinks about things us as parents haven’t even thought of. Just overall super awesome” states one parent. Karine puts an emphasis on fun and can always be found with a smile. She garners an atmosphere of positivity and excitement.

Karine, CMSA wants to thank you for going that extra mile to make soccer the best it can be. Your support, care, and kindness for those around you is admirable. No wonder there are so many that have put your name forward for this nomination.

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