Member Spotlight - Minor Soccer Week Edition - June 21st 2022

Sarah and Paul Tas are our #MinorSoccerWeek Spotlight members of the day!

Member Spotlight - Minor Soccer Week Edition - June 21st 2022


Sarah and Paul Tas, coaches of the GU17 Tier 3 Team in Cochrane (Wolves) have volunteered for many years of coaching and have seen their two daughters Simone and Hannah and their son, Thomas through many seasons. 


Sarah's incredible positivity and encouragement keeps females in the sport and helps them to continue to learn how to love the game. Sarah's motivating words and actions kept one of her players in the game when she wanted nothing more but to quit. That player has seen the value of the of having an uplifting coach, and states "don't ever let me quit, I love it so much".  It's a real testament to Sarah's character that she has so many players who come back year after year. Sarah coordinates fun team-bonding activities like SPA nights, rafting trips and bbqs/meals to keep the team connected.   


Paul has joined Sarah in this last year coaching the GU17 team, but he has been the coach for his son's team previously who is two years younger.  Paul has a great mind for the game and is very approachable and a good sport.  At a a recent tournament, Paul took on the team look of putting his hair in a ponytail as well. His light heartedness got a kick out of the team - one of his great coaching qualities.  


"Both Sarah and Paul are exemplary coaches with their technique for offering feedback and encouraging what the girls do well" stated one of the Parents for Wolves.  Keeping girls involved in sports and having fun is their mantra and they do it so well." 


Thank you Sarah and Paul. A good coach is critical to player development, and your care and compassion ensure that you are creating incredible memories for your players. 

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