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Our Logo

Our new logo

Time For Something New

Our black and white ball logo had been in use for over 15 years. While our brand style has evolved over that time, CMSA was looking to refresh our brand’s appearance with a new, modern logo and style that reflects the youthful nature of what we do and who we cater to. We engaged a local designer, Good Company, to lead CMSA through the refresh.

Our goals through this process:

  1. Opportunity: Through the logo refresh process, it was important to us that we worked towards a symbol that visually portrayed soccer for all and the opportunity that our sport provides.
  2. Memorable: Our logo needs to be memorable and easily recognized differentiating CMSA as the governing body of youth soccer. While the traditional crest or shield is a strong brand identity for our clubs, we need a symbol that is a unique representation for the league and youth soccer community as a whole.
  3. Emphasize our why: It is important that our logo has meaning and tells our story. Each element needs to be intentional and work to tell our why. We want our logo to speak to our role here in the community, and our connection to something bigger.

Logo Story: Telling our Why


At the heart of our logo is a youth player. Regardless of background, age, or skill level, we want all youth to see themselves here and the opportunity available to them through CMSA.

  The maple leaf represents the pride we have for our nation and CMSA’s role in developing and growing the sport of soccer here in our city, and in our Country.   The patch from a soccer ball represents our unity through the Beautiful Game. Through soccer we provide positive and memorable experiences for youth to grow and develop as both individuals, and as players.  

Combined, these elements form a symbol to display CMSA’s  commitment and dedication to developing the people of tomorrow and moving the game forward.

Colour Story


Our blue is inspired by Alberta and signifies the open skies and opportunities on the horizon. In the past, CMSA has built a strong identity around the colour blue. It was important that this colour was reflected in our refreshed logo.

  Our red nods to Calgary and the history that the colour has here in the City’s brand and culture. Red is also the colour CMSA teams proudly wear to represent Calgary at Alberta’s Winter and Summer games.   Our secondary colours, orange and purple, are associated with ambition, health, creativity and expression; qualities we hope to instill in youth through soccer.  

Combined, this vibrant colour palette and blending of colours has been used to illustrate CMSA’s promise to inclusivity, diversity and belonging.

RGB 32, 138, 214
HEX #209ad6

  RGB 237, 34, 36
HEX #ed2224
  RGB 247, 144, 30 / 125, 26, 36
HEX #f7901e / #7d1a99

The Player

With a player at the centre of our logo, the silhouette must be inclusive and representative of our diverse community. The outlines on the images below show the process to capture our community in one silhouette so that any player can see themselves here. CLICK HERE for a larger image.

Logo Variations 

Both the full colour and white logo PNG files can be downloaded below. CLICK HERE for our brand guide and standards for logo use. 



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